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JUCE Modules
Here is a list of all topics with brief descriptions:
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 juce_analyticsClasses to collect analytics and send to destinations
 juce_animationClasses for defining and handling animations
 juce_audio_basicsClasses for audio buffer manipulation, midi message handling, synthesis, etc
 juce_audio_devicesClasses to play and record from audio and MIDI I/O devices
 juce_audio_formatsClasses for reading and writing various audio file formats
 juce_audio_plugin_clientClasses for building VST, VST3, AU, AUv3, LV2 and AAX plugins
 juce_audio_processorsClasses for loading and playing VST, AU, LADSPA, or internally-generated audio processors
 juce_audio_utilsClasses for audio-related GUI and miscellaneous tasks
 juce_box2dThe Box2D physics engine and some utility classes
 juce_coreThe essential set of basic JUCE classes, as required by all the other JUCE modules
 juce_cryptographyClasses for various basic cryptography functions, including RSA, Blowfish, MD5, SHA, etc
 juce_data_structuresClasses for undo/redo management, and smart data structures
 juce_dspClasses for audio buffer manipulation, digital audio processing, filtering, oversampling, fast math functions etc
 juce_eventsClasses for running an application's main event loop and sending/receiving messages, timers, etc
 juce_graphicsClasses for 2D vector graphics, image loading/saving, font handling, etc
 juce_gui_basicsBasic user-interface components and related classes
 juce_gui_extraMiscellaneous GUI classes for specialised tasks
 juce_midi_ciClasses facilitating communication via MIDI Capability Inquiry
 juce_openglClasses for rendering OpenGL in a JUCE window
 juce_oscOpen Sound Control implementation
 juce_product_unlockingClasses for online product authentication
 juce_videoClasses for playing video and capturing camera input
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