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namespace  StandardApplicationCommandIDs
 A set of general-purpose application command IDs.


struct  ApplicationCommandInfo
 Holds information describing an application command. More...
class  ApplicationCommandManager
 One of these objects holds a list of all the commands your app can perform, and despatches these commands when needed. More...
class  ApplicationCommandManagerListener
 A listener that receives callbacks from an ApplicationCommandManager when commands are invoked or the command list is changed. More...
class  ApplicationCommandTarget
 A command target publishes a list of command IDs that it can perform. More...
struct  ApplicationCommandTarget::InvocationInfo
 Contains contextual details about the invocation of a command. More...
class  KeyPressMappingSet
 Manages and edits a list of keypresses, which it uses to invoke the appropriate command in an ApplicationCommandManager. More...


using CommandID = int
 A type used to hold the unique ID for an application command.

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ CommandID

A type used to hold the unique ID for an application command.

This is a numeric type, so it can be stored as an integer.

See also
ApplicationCommandInfo, ApplicationCommandManager, ApplicationCommandTarget, KeyPressMappingSet
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