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class  AudioChannelSet
 Represents a set of audio channel types. More...
class  AudioData
 This class a container which holds all the classes pertaining to the AudioData::Pointer audio sample format class. More...
class  AudioData::ConverterInstance< SourceSampleType, DestSampleType >
 A class that converts between two templated AudioData::Pointer types, and which implements the AudioData::Converter interface. More...
class  AudioData::Converter
 A base class for objects that are used to convert between two different sample formats. More...
class  AudioData::Pointer< SampleFormat, Endianness, InterleavingType, Constness >
 Used as a template parameter for AudioData::Pointer. More...
class  AudioDataConverters
 A set of routines to convert buffers of 32-bit floating point data to and from various integer formats. More...
class  AudioBuffer< Type >
 A multi-channel buffer containing floating point audio samples. More...
class  FloatVectorOperations
 A collection of simple vector operations on arrays of floats, accelerated with SIMD instructions where possible. More...
class  ScopedNoDenormals
 Helper class providing an RAII-based mechanism for temporarily disabling denormals on your CPU. More...


#define JUCE_SNAP_TO_ZERO(n)   ignoreUnused (n)


typedef AudioBuffer< float > AudioSampleBuffer
 A multi-channel buffer of 32-bit floating point audio samples. More...

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#define JUCE_SNAP_TO_ZERO (   n)    ignoreUnused (n)

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◆ AudioSampleBuffer

A multi-channel buffer of 32-bit floating point audio samples.

This typedef is here for backwards compatibility with the older AudioSampleBuffer class, which was fixed for 32-bit data, but is otherwise the same as the new templated AudioBuffer class.

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