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TracktionMarketplaceStatus Class Reference

An implementation of the OnlineUnlockStatus class which talks to the Tracktion Marketplace server. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TracktionMarketplaceStatus ()
bool doesProductIDMatch (const String &returnedIDFromServer) override
URL getServerAuthenticationURL () override
String getWebsiteName () override
String readReplyFromWebserver (const String &email, const String &password) override
void userCancelled () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from OnlineUnlockStatus
 OnlineUnlockStatus ()
virtual ~OnlineUnlockStatus ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual String getProductID ()=0
 This must return your product's ID, as allocated by the store. More...
virtual RSAKey getPublicKey ()=0
 This must return the RSA public key for authenticating responses from the server for this app. More...
virtual void saveState (const String &)=0
 This method must store the given string somewhere in your app's persistent properties, so it can be retrieved later by getState(). More...
virtual String getState ()=0
 This method must retrieve the last state that was provided by the saveState method. More...
virtual StringArray getLocalMachineIDs ()
 Returns a list of strings, any of which should be unique to this physical computer. More...
virtual String getMessageForConnectionFailure (bool isInternetConnectionWorking)
virtual String getMessageForUnexpectedReply ()
var isUnlocked () const
 Returns true if the product has been successfully authorised for this machine. More...
Time getExpiryTime () const
 Returns the Time when the keyfile expires. More...
void setUserEmail (const String &usernameOrEmail)
 Optionally allows the app to provide the user's email address if it is known. More...
String getUserEmail () const
 Returns the user's email address if known. More...
bool applyKeyFile (String keyFileContent)
 Attempts to perform an unlock using a block of key-file data provided. More...
UnlockResult attemptWebserverUnlock (const String &email, const String &password)
 Contacts the webserver and attempts to perform a registration with the given user details. More...
void load ()
 Attempts to load the status from the state retrieved by getState(). More...
void save ()
 Triggers a call to saveState which you can use to store the current unlock status in your app's settings. More...

Detailed Description

An implementation of the OnlineUnlockStatus class which talks to the Tracktion Marketplace server.

For details about how to use this class, see the docs for the base class: OnlineUnlockStatus. Basically, you need to inherit from it, and implement all the pure virtual methods to tell it about your product.

See also
OnlineUnlockStatus, OnlineUnlockForm, KeyGeneration

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TracktionMarketplaceStatus()

TracktionMarketplaceStatus::TracktionMarketplaceStatus ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ doesProductIDMatch()

bool TracktionMarketplaceStatus::doesProductIDMatch ( const String returnedIDFromServer)

Implements OnlineUnlockStatus.

◆ getServerAuthenticationURL()

URL TracktionMarketplaceStatus::getServerAuthenticationURL ( )

Implements OnlineUnlockStatus.

◆ getWebsiteName()

String TracktionMarketplaceStatus::getWebsiteName ( )

Implements OnlineUnlockStatus.

◆ readReplyFromWebserver()

String TracktionMarketplaceStatus::readReplyFromWebserver ( const String email,
const String password 

Implements OnlineUnlockStatus.

◆ userCancelled()

void TracktionMarketplaceStatus::userCancelled ( )

Reimplemented from OnlineUnlockStatus.

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