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AudioProcessorParameterWithID Class Reference

This abstract base class is used by some AudioProcessorParameter helper classes. More...

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Public Member Functions

 AudioProcessorParameterWithID (const String &parameterID, const String &name, const String &label=String(), Category category=AudioProcessorParameter::genericParameter)
 Creation of this object requires providing a name and ID which will be constant for its lifetime. More...
 ~AudioProcessorParameterWithID ()
 Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AudioProcessorParameter
 AudioProcessorParameter () noexcept
virtual ~AudioProcessorParameter ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual float getValue () const =0
 Called by the host to find out the value of this parameter. More...
virtual void setValue (float newValue)=0
 The host will call this method to change the value of a parameter. More...
void setValueNotifyingHost (float newValue)
 A processor should call this when it needs to change one of its parameters. More...
void beginChangeGesture ()
 Sends a signal to the host to tell it that the user is about to start changing this parameter. More...
void endChangeGesture ()
 Tells the host that the user has finished changing this parameter. More...
virtual float getDefaultValue () const =0
 This should return the default value for this parameter. More...
virtual int getNumSteps () const
 Returns the number of steps that this parameter's range should be quantised into. More...
virtual bool isDiscrete () const
 Returns whether the parameter uses discrete values, based on the result of getNumSteps, or allows the host to select values continuously. More...
virtual bool isBoolean () const
 Returns whether the parameter represents a boolean switch, typically with "On" and "Off" states. More...
virtual String getText (float value, int) const
 Returns a textual version of the supplied parameter value. More...
virtual float getValueForText (const String &text) const =0
 Should parse a string and return the appropriate value for it. More...
virtual bool isOrientationInverted () const
 This can be overridden to tell the host that this parameter operates in the reverse direction. More...
virtual bool isAutomatable () const
 Returns true if the host can automate this parameter. More...
virtual bool isMetaParameter () const
 Should return true if this parameter is a "meta" parameter. More...
int getParameterIndex () const noexcept
 Returns the index of this parameter in its parent processor's parameter list. More...
virtual String getCurrentValueAsText () const
 Returns the current value of the parameter as a String. More...
virtual StringArray getAllValueStrings () const
 Returns the set of strings which represent the possible states a parameter can be in. More...
void addListener (Listener *newListener)
 Registers a listener to receive events when the parameter's state changes. More...
void removeListener (Listener *listener)
 Removes a previously registered parameter listener. More...
void sendValueChangedMessageToListeners (float newValue)

Public Attributes

const String paramID
 Provides access to the parameter's ID string. More...
const String name
 Provides access to the parameter's name. More...
const String label
 Provides access to the parameter's label. More...
const Category category
 Provides access to the parameter's category. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AudioProcessorParameter
enum  Category {
  genericParameter = (0 << 16) | 0, inputGain = (1 << 16) | 0, outputGain = (1 << 16) | 1, inputMeter = (2 << 16) | 0,
  outputMeter = (2 << 16) | 1, compressorLimiterGainReductionMeter = (2 << 16) | 2, expanderGateGainReductionMeter = (2 << 16) | 3, analysisMeter = (2 << 16) | 4,
  otherMeter = (2 << 16) | 5

Detailed Description

This abstract base class is used by some AudioProcessorParameter helper classes.

See also
AudioParameterFloat, AudioParameterInt, AudioParameterBool, AudioParameterChoice

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AudioProcessorParameterWithID()

AudioProcessorParameterWithID::AudioProcessorParameterWithID ( const String parameterID,
const String name,
const String label = String(),
Category  category = AudioProcessorParameter::genericParameter 

Creation of this object requires providing a name and ID which will be constant for its lifetime.

◆ ~AudioProcessorParameterWithID()

AudioProcessorParameterWithID::~AudioProcessorParameterWithID ( )


Member Data Documentation

◆ paramID

const String AudioProcessorParameterWithID::paramID

Provides access to the parameter's ID string.

◆ name

const String AudioProcessorParameterWithID::name

Provides access to the parameter's name.

◆ label

const String AudioProcessorParameterWithID::label

Provides access to the parameter's label.

◆ category

const Category AudioProcessorParameterWithID::category

Provides access to the parameter's category.

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