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AudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriter::IncomingDataReceiver Class Referenceabstract

Receiver for incoming data. More...

#include <juce_AudioFormatWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriter::IncomingDataReceiver:

Public Member Functions

 IncomingDataReceiver ()=default
virtual ~IncomingDataReceiver ()=default
virtual void reset (int numChannels, double sampleRate, int64 totalSamplesInSource)=0
virtual void addBlock (int64 sampleNumberInSource, const AudioBuffer< float > &newData, int startOffsetInBuffer, int numSamples)=0

Detailed Description

Receiver for incoming data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IncomingDataReceiver()

AudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriter::IncomingDataReceiver::IncomingDataReceiver ( )

◆ ~IncomingDataReceiver()

virtual AudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriter::IncomingDataReceiver::~IncomingDataReceiver ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ reset()

virtual void AudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriter::IncomingDataReceiver::reset ( int numChannels,
double sampleRate,
int64 totalSamplesInSource )
pure virtual

Implemented in AudioThumbnail.

◆ addBlock()

virtual void AudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriter::IncomingDataReceiver::addBlock ( int64 sampleNumberInSource,
const AudioBuffer< float > & newData,
int startOffsetInBuffer,
int numSamples )
pure virtual

Implemented in AudioThumbnail.

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