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midi_ci::Message::Discovery Struct Reference

See the MIDI-CI specification. More...

#include <juce_CIMessages.h>

Public Member Functions

auto tie () const
bool operator== (const Discovery &x) const
bool operator!= (const Discovery &x) const

Public Attributes

ump::DeviceInfo device
std::byte capabilities {}
uint32_t maximumSysexSize {}
std::byte outputPathID {}
 Only valid if the message header specifies version 0x02 or greater.

Detailed Description

See the MIDI-CI specification.

Member Function Documentation

◆ tie()

auto midi_ci::Message::Discovery::tie ( ) const

References capabilities, device, maximumSysexSize, and outputPathID.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ operator==()

bool midi_ci::Message::Discovery::operator== ( const Discovery & x) const

References tie(), and x.

Referenced by operator!=().

◆ operator!=()

bool midi_ci::Message::Discovery::operator!= ( const Discovery & x) const

References operator==(), and x.

Member Data Documentation

◆ device

ump::DeviceInfo midi_ci::Message::Discovery::device

Referenced by tie().

◆ capabilities

std::byte midi_ci::Message::Discovery::capabilities {}

Referenced by tie().

◆ maximumSysexSize

uint32_t midi_ci::Message::Discovery::maximumSysexSize {}

Referenced by tie().

◆ outputPathID

std::byte midi_ci::Message::Discovery::outputPathID {}

Only valid if the message header specifies version 0x02 or greater.

Referenced by tie().

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