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MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper Class Reference

Forms a wrapper around a ValueTree that can be used for storing a MarkerList. More...

#include <juce_MarkerList.h>

Public Member Functions

 ValueTreeWrapper (const ValueTree &state)
ValueTreegetState () noexcept
int getNumMarkers () const
ValueTree getMarkerState (int index) const
ValueTree getMarkerState (const String &name) const
bool containsMarker (const ValueTree &state) const
MarkerList::Marker getMarker (const ValueTree &state) const
void setMarker (const MarkerList::Marker &marker, UndoManager *undoManager)
void removeMarker (const ValueTree &state, UndoManager *undoManager)
void applyTo (MarkerList &markerList)
void readFrom (const MarkerList &markerList, UndoManager *undoManager)

Static Public Attributes

static const Identifier markerTag
static const Identifier nameProperty
static const Identifier posProperty

Detailed Description

Forms a wrapper around a ValueTree that can be used for storing a MarkerList.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ValueTreeWrapper()

MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::ValueTreeWrapper ( const ValueTree & state)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getState()

ValueTree & MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::getState ( )

◆ getNumMarkers()

int MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::getNumMarkers ( ) const

◆ getMarkerState() [1/2]

ValueTree MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::getMarkerState ( int index) const

◆ getMarkerState() [2/2]

ValueTree MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::getMarkerState ( const String & name) const

◆ containsMarker()

bool MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::containsMarker ( const ValueTree & state) const

◆ getMarker()

MarkerList::Marker MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::getMarker ( const ValueTree & state) const

◆ setMarker()

void MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::setMarker ( const MarkerList::Marker & marker,
UndoManager * undoManager )

◆ removeMarker()

void MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::removeMarker ( const ValueTree & state,
UndoManager * undoManager )

◆ applyTo()

void MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::applyTo ( MarkerList & markerList)

◆ readFrom()

void MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::readFrom ( const MarkerList & markerList,
UndoManager * undoManager )

Member Data Documentation

◆ markerTag

const Identifier MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::markerTag

◆ nameProperty

const Identifier MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::nameProperty

◆ posProperty

const Identifier MarkerList::ValueTreeWrapper::posProperty

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