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DropShadower Class Reference

Adds a drop-shadow to a component. More...

#include <juce_DropShadower.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DropShadower (const DropShadow &shadowType)
 Creates a DropShadower.
 ~DropShadower () override
void setOwner (Component *componentToFollow)
 Attaches the DropShadower to the component you want to shadow.

Detailed Description

Adds a drop-shadow to a component.

This object creates and manages a set of components which sit around a component, creating a gaussian shadow around it. The components will track the position of the component and if it's brought to the front they'll also follow this.

For desktop windows you don't need to use this class directly - just set the Component::windowHasDropShadow flag when calling Component::addToDesktop(), and the system will create one of these if it's needed (which it obviously isn't on the Mac, for example).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DropShadower()

DropShadower::DropShadower ( const DropShadow & shadowType)

Creates a DropShadower.

◆ ~DropShadower()

DropShadower::~DropShadower ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ setOwner()

void DropShadower::setOwner ( Component * componentToFollow)

Attaches the DropShadower to the component you want to shadow.

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