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ScrollBar::Listener Class Referenceabstract

A class for receiving events from a ScrollBar. More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Listener ()=default
virtual void scrollBarMoved (ScrollBar *scrollBarThatHasMoved, double newRangeStart)=0
 Called when a ScrollBar is moved.

Detailed Description

A class for receiving events from a ScrollBar.

You can register a ScrollBar::Listener with a ScrollBar using the ScrollBar::addListener() method, and it will be called when the bar's position changes.

See also
ScrollBar::addListener, ScrollBar::removeListener

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Listener()

virtual ScrollBar::Listener::~Listener ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ scrollBarMoved()

virtual void ScrollBar::Listener::scrollBarMoved ( ScrollBar scrollBarThatHasMoved,
double  newRangeStart 
pure virtual

Called when a ScrollBar is moved.

scrollBarThatHasMovedthe bar that has moved
newRangeStartthe new range start of this bar

Implemented in Viewport.

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