var Member List

This is the complete list of members for var, including all inherited members.

append(const var &valueToAppend)var
call(const Identifier &method) constvar
call(const Identifier &method, const var &arg1) constvar
call(const Identifier &method, const var &arg1, const var &arg2) constvar
call(const Identifier &method, const var &arg1, const var &arg2, const var &arg3)var
call(const Identifier &method, const var &arg1, const var &arg2, const var &arg3, const var &arg4) constvar
call(const Identifier &method, const var &arg1, const var &arg2, const var &arg3, const var &arg4, const var &arg5) constvar
clone() const noexceptvar
equals(const var &other) const noexceptvar
equalsWithSameType(const var &other) const noexceptvar
getArray() const noexceptvar
getBinaryData() const noexceptvar
getDynamicObject() const noexceptvar
getNativeFunction() constvar
getObject() const noexceptvar
getProperty(const Identifier &propertyName, const var &defaultReturnValue) constvar
hasProperty(const Identifier &propertyName) const noexceptvar
hasSameTypeAs(const var &other) const noexceptvar
indexOf(const var &value) constvar
insert(int index, const var &value)var
invoke(const Identifier &method, const var *arguments, int numArguments) constvar
isArray() const noexceptvar
isBinaryData() const noexceptvar
isBool() const noexceptvar
isDouble() const noexceptvar
isInt() const noexceptvar
isInt64() const noexceptvar
isMethod() const noexceptvar
isObject() const noexceptvar
isString() const noexceptvar
isUndefined() const noexceptvar
isVoid() const noexceptvar
NativeFunction typedefvar
operator bool() const noexceptvar
operator double() const noexceptvar
operator float() const noexceptvar
operator int() const noexceptvar
operator int64() const noexceptvar
operator String() constvar
operator=(const var &valueToCopy)var
operator=(int value)var
operator=(int64 value)var
operator=(bool value)var
operator=(double value)var
operator=(const char *value)var
operator=(const wchar_t *value)var
operator=(const String &value)var
operator=(const MemoryBlock &value)var
operator=(const Array< var > &value)var
operator=(ReferenceCountedObject *object)var
operator=(NativeFunction method)var
operator=(var &&) noexceptvar
operator=(String &&)var
operator[](int arrayIndex) constvar
operator[](int arrayIndex)var
operator[](const Identifier &propertyName) constvar
operator[](const char *propertyName) constvar
readFromStream(InputStream &input)varstatic
remove(int index)var
resize(int numArrayElementsWanted)var
size() constvar
swapWith(var &other) noexceptvar
toString() constvar
undefined() noexceptvarstatic
var() noexceptvar
var(const var &valueToCopy)var
var(int value) noexceptvar
var(int64 value) noexceptvar
var(bool value) noexceptvar
var(double value) noexceptvar
var(const char *value)var
var(const wchar_t *value)var
var(const String &value)var
var(const Array< var > &value)var
var(const StringArray &value)var
var(ReferenceCountedObject *object)var
var(NativeFunction method) noexceptvar
var(const void *binaryData, size_t dataSize)var
var(const MemoryBlock &binaryData)var
var(var &&) noexceptvar
var(String &&)var
var(MemoryBlock &&)var
var(Array< var > &&)var
writeToStream(OutputStream &output) constvar
~var() noexceptvar