PixelRGB Member List

This is the complete list of members for PixelRGB, including all inherited members.

blend(const Pixel &src) noexceptPixelRGB
blend(const PixelRGB src) noexceptPixelRGB
blend(const Pixel &src, uint32 extraAlpha) noexceptPixelRGB
desaturate() noexceptPixelRGB
getAlpha() const noexceptPixelRGB
getBlue() const noexceptPixelRGB
getBlue() noexceptPixelRGB
getEvenBytes() const noexceptPixelRGB
getGreen() const noexceptPixelRGB
getGreen() noexceptPixelRGB
getInARGBMaskOrder() const noexceptPixelRGB
getInARGBMemoryOrder() const noexceptPixelRGB
getNativeARGB() const noexceptPixelRGB
getOddBytes() const noexceptPixelRGB
getRed() const noexceptPixelRGB
getRed() noexceptPixelRGB
indexB enum valuePixelRGB
indexG enum valuePixelRGB
indexR enum valuePixelRGB
multiplyAlpha(int) noexceptPixelRGB
multiplyAlpha(float) noexceptPixelRGB
PixelRGB() noexceptPixelRGB
premultiply() noexceptPixelRGB
set(const Pixel &src) noexceptPixelRGB
setAlpha(const uint8) noexceptPixelRGB
setARGB(const uint8, const uint8 red, const uint8 green, const uint8 blue) noexceptPixelRGB
tween(const Pixel &src, const uint32 amount) noexceptPixelRGB
unpremultiply() noexceptPixelRGB
~PixelRGB() noexceptPixelRGB