Image Member List

This is the complete list of members for Image, including all inherited members.

ARGB enum valueImage
clear(const Rectangle< int > &area, Colour colourToClearTo=Colour(0x00000000))Image
convertedToFormat(PixelFormat newFormat) constImage
createCopy() constImage
createLowLevelContext() constImage
createSolidAreaMask(RectangleList< int > &result, float alphaThreshold) constImage
getBounds() const noexceptImage
getClippedImage(const Rectangle< int > &area) constImage
getFormat() const noexceptImage
getHeight() const noexceptImage
getPixelAt(int x, int y) constImage
getPixelData() const noexceptImage
getProperties() constImage
getReferenceCount() const noexceptImage
getWidth() const noexceptImage
hasAlphaChannel() const noexceptImage
Image() noexceptImage
Image(PixelFormat format, int imageWidth, int imageHeight, bool clearImage)Image
Image(PixelFormat format, int imageWidth, int imageHeight, bool clearImage, const ImageType &type)Image
Image(const Image &) noexceptImage
Image(Image &&) noexceptImage
Image(ReferenceCountedObjectPtr< ImagePixelData >) noexceptImageexplicit
isARGB() const noexceptImage
isNull() const noexceptImage
isRGB() const noexceptImage
isSingleChannel() const noexceptImage
isValid() const noexceptImage
moveImageSection(int destX, int destY, int sourceX, int sourceY, int width, int height)Image
multiplyAllAlphas(float amountToMultiplyBy)Image
multiplyAlphaAt(int x, int y, float multiplier)Image
operator!=(const Image &other) const noexceptImage
operator=(const Image &)Image
operator=(Image &&) noexceptImage
operator==(const Image &other) const noexceptImage
PixelFormat enum nameImage
rescaled(int newWidth, int newHeight, Graphics::ResamplingQuality quality=Graphics::mediumResamplingQuality) constImage
RGB enum valueImage
setPixelAt(int x, int y, Colour colour)Image
SingleChannel enum valueImage
UnknownFormat enum valueImage