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juce_PlatformDefs.h File Reference


 This macro defines the C calling convention used as the standard for JUCE calls.
#define JUCE_CDECL
#define JUCE_BREAK_IN_DEBUGGER   { ::kill (0, SIGTRAP); }
 This will try to break into the debugger if the app is currently being debugged.
 Used to silence Wimplicit-fallthrough on Clang and GCC where available as there are a few places in the codebase where we need to do this deliberately and want to ignore the warning.
#define JUCE_BLOCK_WITH_FORCED_SEMICOLON(x)   do { x } while (false)
 This is the good old C++ trick for creating a macro that forces the user to put a semicolon after it when they use it.
#define DBG(textToWrite)   JUCE_BLOCK_WITH_FORCED_SEMICOLON (juce::String tempDbgBuf; tempDbgBuf << textToWrite; juce::Logger::outputDebugString (tempDbgBuf);)
 Writes a string to the standard error stream.
 This will always cause an assertion failure.
#define jassert(expression)   JUCE_BLOCK_WITH_FORCED_SEMICOLON (if (! (expression)) jassertfalse;)
 Platform-independent assertion macro.
#define jassertquiet(expression)   JUCE_BLOCK_WITH_FORCED_SEMICOLON (if (! (expression)) jassertfalse;)
 Platform-independent assertion macro which suppresses ignored-variable warnings in all build modes.
#define JUCE_JOIN_MACRO(item1, item2)   JUCE_JOIN_MACRO_HELPER (item1, item2)
 A good old-fashioned C macro concatenation helper.
 A handy C macro for stringifying any symbol, rather than just a macro parameter.
 This is a shorthand macro for deleting a class's copy constructor and copy assignment operator.
 This is a shorthand macro for deleting a class's move constructor and move assignment operator.
 This is a shorthand way of writing both a JUCE_DECLARE_NON_COPYABLE and JUCE_LEAK_DETECTOR macro for a class.
 This macro can be added to class definitions to disable the use of new/delete to allocate the object on the heap, forcing it to only be used as a stack or member variable.
 This macro allows you to emit a custom compiler warning message.
#define forcedinline   inline
 A platform-independent way of forcing an inline function.
#define JUCE_ALIGN(bytes)   __declspec (align (bytes))
 This can be placed before a stack or member variable declaration to tell the compiler to align it to the specified number of bytes.
#define JUCE_NO_ASSOCIATIVE_MATH_OPTIMISATIONS   __attribute__((__optimize__("no-associative-math")))
 This can be appended to a function declaration to tell gcc to disable associative math optimisations which break some floating point algorithms.
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