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juce_Functional.h File Reference


struct  NullCheckedInvocation
 Some helper methods for checking a callable object before invoking with the specified arguments. More...
struct  ScopeGuard< Fn >
 An easy way to ensure that a function is called at the end of the current scope. More...


template<typename A , typename B >
using DisableIfSameOrDerived = std::enable_if_t<! std::is_base_of_v< A, std::remove_reference_t< B > > >
 Can be used to disable template constructors that would otherwise cause ambiguity with compiler-generated copy and move constructors.


template<typename Object , typename OtherObject , typename Member , typename Other >
Object withMember (Object copy, Member OtherObject::*member, Other &&value)
 Copies an object, sets one of the copy's members to the specified value, and then returns the copy.
template<typename Fn >
 ScopeGuard (Fn) -> ScopeGuard< Fn >
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