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vst2FxBank Struct Reference

Structure used for VSTs. More...

Public Attributes

int32 magic1
int32 size
int32 magic2
int32 version1
int32 fxID
int32 version2
int32 elements
int32 current
char shouldBeZero [124]
int32 chunkSize
char chunk [1]

Detailed Description

Structure used for VSTs.

Member Data Documentation

◆ magic1

int32 vst2FxBank::magic1

◆ size

int32 vst2FxBank::size

◆ magic2

int32 vst2FxBank::magic2

◆ version1

int32 vst2FxBank::version1

◆ fxID

int32 vst2FxBank::fxID

◆ version2

int32 vst2FxBank::version2

◆ elements

int32 vst2FxBank::elements

◆ current

int32 vst2FxBank::current

◆ shouldBeZero

char vst2FxBank::shouldBeZero[124]

◆ chunkSize

int32 vst2FxBank::chunkSize

◆ chunk

char vst2FxBank::chunk[1]

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