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VstIndividualSpeakerInfo Struct Reference

Structure used for VSTs. More...

Public Attributes

float azimuthalAngle
float elevationAngle
float radius
float reserved
char label [vstMaxNameLength]
int32 type
char unused [28]

Detailed Description

Structure used for VSTs.

Member Data Documentation

◆ azimuthalAngle

float VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::azimuthalAngle

◆ elevationAngle

float VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::elevationAngle

◆ radius

float VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::radius

◆ reserved

float VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::reserved

◆ label

char VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::label[vstMaxNameLength]

◆ type

int32 VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::type

◆ unused

char VstIndividualSpeakerInfo::unused[28]

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