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BlocksProtocol::TouchVelocity Struct Reference

The velocities for each dimension of a touch. More...

Public Types

enum  { bits = VXcoord::bits + VYcoord::bits + VZcoord::bits }
using VXcoord = IntegerWithBitSize< 8 >
using VYcoord = IntegerWithBitSize< 8 >
using VZcoord = IntegerWithBitSize< 8 >

Public Attributes

VXcoord vx
VYcoord vy
VZcoord vz

Detailed Description

The velocities for each dimension of a touch.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ VXcoord

◆ VYcoord

◆ VZcoord

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Member Data Documentation

◆ vx

VXcoord BlocksProtocol::TouchVelocity::vx

◆ vy

VYcoord BlocksProtocol::TouchVelocity::vy

◆ vz

VZcoord BlocksProtocol::TouchVelocity::vz

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