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struct  littlefoot::Compiler
 This class compiles littlefoot source code into a littlefoot::Program object which can be executed by a littlefoot::Runner. More...
struct  littlefoot::LittleFootRemoteHeap< ImplementationClass >
 This class manages the synchronisation of a remote block of heap memory used by a littlefoot program running on a block. More...
struct  littlefoot::NativeFunction
 Defines a native function that the program can call. More...
struct  littlefoot::Program
 A reference to a block of memory which contains a complete program. More...
struct  littlefoot::Runner< programAndHeapSpace, stackAndGlobalsSpace >::FunctionExecutionContext
struct  littlefoot::Runner< programAndHeapSpace, stackAndGlobalsSpace >
 Loads a program, and lets the user execute its functions. More...



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#define JUCE_LOG_LITTLEFOOT_HEAP (   text)