Example LittleFoot Scripts

Downloading the example script

These example scripts demonstrate the functionality of the LittleFoot language.

The example scripts are self-contained and do not rely on the standalone BLOCKS SDK or the JUCE library. You will find the examples in the Littlefoot-Examples repository under the Example Scripts folder, which you can download from GitHub here. Each example comes with a .littlefoot file that can be loaded into the BLOCKS CODE IDE and uploaded onto BLOCKS.

Alternatively, you can explore the factory scripts included within BLOCKS Dashboard in the same repository under the Factory Scripts folder. Feel free to modify these scripts and experiment by tweaking parameters to your needs.


The BitmapLEDProgram class

The BitmapLEDProgram class contains a simple LittleFoot program that sets the LEDs of a Lightpad from the heap's content.

Dynamic Parameters

Learn how to use BLOCKS CODE metadata to interact with your BLOCKS using dynamic parameters.

Colour Pressure Map

Learn how to display coloured pressure maps on the Lightpad Block.

Tic Tac Toe

Implement the classic game of Tic Tac Toe on the Lightpad Block.

Music Gen

Develop a MIDI note music generator with interesting visuals on the Lightpad Block.