Example JUCE Applications

Downloading the example code

These example applications demonstrate the functionality of the BLOCKS SDK.

The example applications are all distributed as part of the JUCE framework, which can be obtained from GitHub here. You will find the examples in the JUCE/examples/BLOCKS/ directory. First, you need to generate a Projucer project from the corresponding PIP file of each example project. If you don't know how to do this, please refer to the JUCE tutorials here. This will create projects for Visual Studio, Xcode and Makefile in the Builds subdirectory of each example directory, and these should open, compile and run without any trouble in the respective IDEs.



BlocksMonitor is a simple JUCE application that shows currently connected Lightpad and Control Block devices and visualises touches and button presses. It also displays some basic information about the Blocks.


BlocksDrawing is a JUCE application that allows you to use your Lightpad as a drawing surface. You can choose from a palette of 9 base colours and paint them on the 15x15 LED grid, blending between colours using touch pressure.


BlocksSynth is a JUCE application that turns your Lightpad into a simple monophonic synthesiser capable of playing 4 different waveshapes - sine, square, sawtooth and triangle.