Downloading the SDK

Writing scripts using the LittleFoot language

If your goal is to develop simple scripts that can be loaded onto the BLOCKS hardware and run independently from a host application, you should read about The LittleFoot Language. To get started quickly, you can download the BLOCKS CODE IDE here and write all your LittleFoot code in there. BLOCKS CODE is designed to work seemlessly with BLOCKS hardware and allow you to compile and upload LittleFoot scripts to BLOCKS instantly. More details are provided in The LittleFoot Language and Example LittleFoot Scripts sections.

Integrating BLOCKS SDK into existing applications

You can also download the standalone BLOCKS SDK from GitHub here. This is a stripped down version of what JUCE provides, including only the features required for the SDK. Using this version of the SDK is much more complicated but may be more suitable for integrating BLOCKS into an existing application. More details are provided in The standalone BLOCKS SDK and Example BLOCKS Integrations sections.

Building BLOCKS applications using JUCE

The BLOCKS SDK is distributed as part of the JUCE framework, which can be obtained from GitHub here. The JUCE repository also contains the code for the Example JUCE Applications, which require the JUCE framework to compile. Whilst you don't need to know anything about JUCE to build the examples using the supplied Visual Studio/Xcode/Makefile projects, it will probably be worthwhile reading some JUCE tutorials, which can be found here.

Learn how to connect BLOCKS in the Connecting BLOCKS section or start discovering BLOCKS in your applications by jumping to the Discovering BLOCKS section.